Nashville Business Journal’s Women of Influence Alumni – Mary Jo Innis

Nashville Business Journal’s Women of Influence Alumni – Mary Jo Innis

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Recently, while reading The Groove by Maria Brito, I came upon an intriguing series of quotes. The Editor and Cartoonist, Frank Tyger, stated that “ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose.” The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek root entheos which means “divinely inspired or possessed by God”. When we want something really bad, we find the divine perseverance and guidance to pursue our dreams with all we have”.

Congratulations to each one of you Women who have exhibited ambition from “divine perseverance”.

No doubt it hasn’t come easily, and it has taken all of your unique skills and strengths to achieve this Recognition. Now that you have been “Recognized”, you will prayerfully find, as a result, that your world has been greatly enhanced.

Since being chosen, the exposure has afforded me the opportunity to be a part of several wonderful groups of dynamic and motivating women.

Last and certainly not least, my dream of changing people’s lives in our community is persistently my passion. As President of The R.O.W. Group (The Responsibility of Wealth”) my aspiration is to give each of our clients an unprecedented experience.

As everyone has heard many times “to whom much is given, much is expected”.
I am Blessed, as you are, to now be a part of this Exceptional group of Women.


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