Helping Nashville is an inner office project dedicated to quarterly reaching out to an organization and volunteering our time to a charity or foundation. We are fortunate as a company to be in the position to donate our time to give back. As a team, once a month we will all participate with an organization dedicated to helping our community.

Giving back is in all of our hearts, we were inspired to start the project during the 2016 Christmas season. The idea struck when we realized that everyone is willing to reach out during the holiday season, but often forget during the other eleven months.

Each team member gives monetarily to charities independently, but together we can donate our time to serve the community. At least once a quarter our team will dedicate time to a new charity.

This quarter as a team we decided to reach out to one of our favorite Nashville charities, Soles for Souls. Our team members got together, cleaned out closets, and donated 40 pairs of shoes between five people.

For many, Soles4Souls is an organization that gives away shoes to people in need in the U.S. and around the world, especially after natural disasters. And, that is 100% true. Providing shoes so people can avoid injury, kids can go to school and communities can recover after a flood, hurricane or a fire has been a core part of their mission.

If you are a charity and need volunteers, please call our office (615.250.7600) or email Rachel Nicks (