About Us


R.O.W. stands for Responsibility of Wealth.

We are revolutionizing the old ways of Financial Planning with Financial Architecture. Every case is different, because of that we build a unique Financial Blueprint for every client. Our focus is on wealth management, wealth transfer, and business continuation. Our hand tailored plan facilitates a client’s wealth accumulation, asset conservation and eventual distribution to future generations.

The Responsibility of Wealth is created when the amount of net assets an individual accumulates will have life-altering implications for the person or group of people who will ultimately receive the wealth.

Our Retirement Solutions customer service model is created so every client and participant will see, in person, a member of our team. Knowing that the participants understand the details of their path to retirement is important to our firm. We want to be the lighthouse guiding people through their paperwork.

At The R.O.W. Group, we feel it is essential for us to know our clients. Our team of Financial Architects guides each client through detailed questions to be sure we understand all aspects of their wealth, desires, and financial needs. This process gives us the tools we need to best design each clients’ unique Financial Blueprint.

Our Solutions can help our clients pursue the right principles.


The R.O.W. Group is a Financial Architecture firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 1986 as Southeast Financial Group, Inc., we changed our name in 2009 to convey our renewed passion and to refresh our brand to match the modernization of wealth management.

The founder, Ken Innis, has been in the industry since 1971 and has been a member of M Financial Group, one of the nation’s premier financial services design and distribution companies, since 1991. The R.O.W. Group has ranked in the top 20 of Nashville’s largest and most influential financial advisor firms, according to the Nashville Business Journal.

Having a membership with M Financial Group enables us to offer exclusive products and premier services to our clients. For more information, read the M Story.

The partners in our firm have over 50 years of experience in Financial Services. Our 50 years represents the time we have put in to help Nashville families grow, share and establish successful generations.

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